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How to update specific record in mysql - Tool DataUpdater

Why ? DataUpdater ? When you want to update a row in database.  For example, Consider your app or web has a User Profile Page a...
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How to delete data from mysql table - DataDeleter.php

Why ? DataDeleter? When you want to delete a row in database.  For example, Consider you wanna delete a post created by user and he ...
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How to insert data into mysql table - DataPutter.php

Why ? DataPutter ? When you create a registration form in Android or IOS. You ofcourse require a php service to store user data in dat...
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How to reset mobile online in Child mode and password protected in Redmi Mi or any mobile 100% working!

Got tired searching on Internet about this topic ? And yet didnt found any solution ? Here, I introduce you with...
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How to create PHP services to insert or get data from mysql table ?

Hey, I guess you have a mysql database and tables, So you need to create php services to get data and insert data into these table...
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How to create android alertdialog custom layout message ?

To make your app beautiful and standard we need to provide messages in extra ordinary way instead of using any kind of toast mes...
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How to create Dialog Box in Android Using Activity

Why ? I have found creating activity is very easy than creating a custom dialog box or alert box if you agree with this +1 the pos...
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